College has taught me a few things about myself and my peers already. When I first arrived here, I wasn’t sure what to make of the whole experience. I was still adjusting to civilian life and not being around soldiers with at least a little in common with me. I was also adjusting to how differently you have to act and communicate in the civilian world. But aside from that, I was learning that I had grown more in the lasts 8 months than I thought I had, and this had changed my outlook on a lot of topics and ideals. I have found that the army taught me to be more mature than I already was and to “maintain my military bearing” which is something most of my peers haven’t quite grasped yet. Not to throw shade, just an observation. I’ve realized that I this maturity gap has made connecting with my peers even more difficult than it was for me before training. I’ve always found myself being the “mom” to my peers and having to advise them or teach them things because I just naturally had a more mature demeanor. Now in college, that has only seemed to be more prevalent. As I attempt to connect, I find myself hitting a wall most times because I have nothing in common with the people around me. I’m still trying to bridge the gap or find a group that I can connect with. I wish myself luck and anyone in my situation because it is not always a good time.

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